Fathers will struggle being best friend to their sons, says Christian charity

Mon 03 Apr 2017
By Premier Journalist

It is difficult for fathers to be both best friends and role models to their sons, says the CEO of Christian charity Family Matters Institute.

Trevor Single's comments to Premier come after a former Harrow headmaster warned that 'best friend' dads are to blame for their sons failures at school.

Barnaby Lenon said that fathers have abandoned their role as authority figures and that this style of parenting is to blame for "grotesquely underperforming" teenage boys.

Lenon added that boys need to be shown love through discipline, rules and structure.

Speaking on Premier News Hour, Trevor Single said that he agreed with some of what Lenon had said.

"There is a very good point that he raises of perhaps the conflicting position that dads can find themselves in if they're trying to be a role model to their sons but also seeking to be a friend or best friend to them."

Single added that parenting style has changed in recent years, especially as fathers become more active in their parenting role.

He told News Hour: "I think it's a generational thing, if we cast our minds back, those of us who are older we will have certainly grown up with an experience in terms of which the father was recognised as a disciplinarian and the mother was the loving relationship for a lot of people.

"There has now been a drift towards being a friend, a mentor and supporter of my family at the same time."

Listen to Alex Williams speaking to Trevor Single here:

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