Half of Christian teenagers don't read Bible more than once a month

Wed 22 Jul 2015
By Marcus Jones

Fifty per cent of young people who identify as Christians don't read their Bible more than once a month.

New research published by Premier Youthwork Magazine has found just one in three read it a couple of times a week or more.

What was also revealed was that teenagers pray far more regularly than they read the Bible.

Writing in this month's edition, London youth worker Mark Walley looked at other stats which show young people overwhelming see having a regular experience of God an important part of their faith.

He wrote: "When held together with the fact that young people expressed a strong desire to experience God in their churches, something seems amiss.

"Because the thing is, there is a link between the discipline of Bible reading and the experience of God. One of the main day to day ways you experience God is through reading the Bible."

He suggests youth workers need to rethink how they're encouraging their young people to read the Bible.

Speaking to Premier, he said: "One thing to avoid is the sense of guilt. It's so easy to lay on young people 'Why aren't you reading your Bible? You should do it more often. It's like brushing your teeth you should do it if you like it or not'.

"That's not the Christian message. The Christian message is 'Isn't this a glorious thing that we can do?'. That every day and every time we need to we can pick up our Bible and hear God speaking to us."

Listen to Mark Walley speaking to Premier's Marcus Jones here:

To read more about the research in this month's Premier Youthwork Magazine click here. To receive a free copy click here.

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