John Cleese/YouTube

John Cleese mocks church in new YouTube video

Thu 04 Aug 2016
By Marcus Jones

British comedian and actor John Cleese has used a new video on his YouTube channel to poke fun at the Church.

The Monty Python star has recently created a series of monologues for people to view online.

In one, the 76-year-old stars as the leader of the Church of JC Capitalist.


Dressed in full clerical robes with a cross donned with a dollar sign he says: "The Church of JC capitalist is founded on two sacred principles.

"One, our focus groups tell us to target very anxious people with weak egos who are desperate for certainty.

"This church will be very authoritarian, telling our members exactly what to think and do and we guarantee to make them positively glow with self-confidence because anyone who disagrees with us will go to hell and be tortured with red hot pointy things for ever and ever, Amen.

"The second principle is that morals are only about sex."



John Cleese says he's posted the videos to remind his fans that he's "still alive".

It's not the first time the Fawlty Towers star has mocked the Church. The movie Life of Brian, which he co-wrote, saw mass protests from Christians who claimed it to be blasphemous.

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