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Joseph Fiennes: Great to explore Jesus' life in new film

Fri 18 Mar 2016
By Aaron James

The actor Joseph Fiennes has told Premier "it was great to visit the story of Christ again" in his new film Risen.

Risen sees Joseph Fiennes play the Roman military tribune and non-believer, Clavius, who investigates the story of the Resurrection when Jesus' body goes missing after his crucifixion.

Clavius is charged by Roman governor Pontius Pilate to find Jesus' corpse in order to prevent a Jewish uprising.

Jesus Christ is played by veteran actor Cliff Curtis, who is of Maori descent.

The American Biblical epic, directed by Kevin Reynolds and out in British cinemas today, is the first to depict the life of Jesus from the perspective of a non-believer.


Joseph Fiennes told Premier: "I don't know enough. I was inherently brought up with the Gospels but it's something that has lapsed over time.

"So, it was great to visit the story of Christ again, which I found from an early age extremely arresting.

"What I loved about the movie is, here's a man who's a non-believer that could be part of God's plan anyway.

"He ferries the word of Christ out and, who knows, he might be part of the mystery himself and so, maybe believers and non-believers - we all share in the great mystery."

Listen to Premier's Sam Hailes speaking to Joseph Fiennes.

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