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MPs shocked by tales of Christian persecution

Thu 18 Jan 2018
By Alex Williams

MPs have spoken of their shock at hearing first-hand accounts from Christians around the world who are being persecuted for their faith.

Several politicians including Labour's Ben Bradshaw and the Conservative's Fiona Bruce attended a briefing at Parliament on Wednesday night which highlighted nations where persecution is most severe.

An Egyptian man called "Michael" told delegates about an Islamic extremist mob that attacked a church belonging to his country's Evangelical community.


The event was organised by the Christian charity Open Doors UK, which was unveiling its World Watch List Report 2018 - a list of 50 countries where persecution is of serious concern.

Members of Parliament were repeatedly summoned from the event at the Commons' Member's Dining Room to the House of Commons, where various votes were being held on the EU withdrawal bill.

Reflecting on the event, Robert Courts - the MP for Whitney in Oxfordshire - said: "It's utterly extraordinary that in the modern world where we would all hope to have freedom of religion and of belief, and freedom to practise that belief, it is devastating that so many people all over the world are persecuted for that fundamental basic human right."

Open Doors UK


"Hannah", a woman visiting the UK from Pakistan, spoke to Premier about her fear of punishment if she spoke out openly about her faith.

Former Cabinet minister and MP for Chipping Barnet, Theresa Villiers said: "There was a point in which is felt quite tearful; Hannah recounted some really harrowing stories of what had happened to people that she knew in Pakistan. That really brought it home to me."

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