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Marriage Foundation rubbishes January divorce report

Fri 08 Jan 2016
By Hannah Tooley

The Marriage Foundation has said that new research claiming January is the month people are most likely to divorce is not true.

Harry Benson, a Christian and the Research Director for the group, told Premier his top tips for a lasting relationship.

He told people to say to themselves: "I'm going to say would you like a cup of tea in the morning, or just go and make a cup of tea, say I'm going to be thoughtful, I'm going to be kind, I'm going to be gentle.

"And just see what the response is - because that's the big secret of relationships, when you put the other person first, everything that you need comes back to you."

He was speaking after research by Resolution showed that financial and family strains after Christmas encouraged people to think about a fresh start relationally in the New Year.

It referenced the pressure for Christmas to be an exceptionally happy time and the pressure to buy the right gifts, and arguments within families on Christmas Day.

It also claimed that weather had a role to play, however Harry Benson said divorce is a big decision that is not seasonal: "The biggest reasons that people give for splitting up... say that their reasons were either adultery, bad behaviour or growing apart - growing apart being the biggest reason - and these frankly aren't seasonal in nature."

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