Matt Redman speaks of continued search for freedom from childhood struggles

Fri 29 Sep 2017
By Marcus Jones

Worship leader and Grammy award winner Matt Redman has urged Christians not to think those on church stages have their lives all together as he opens up on his personal struggles.

In an interview with Premier, the singer has been telling of how worship helped him in his toughest moments growing up but he's still battling to find true freedom.

Speaking of the death of his father while he was a child, he said: "Worship was in the mix early on. It became an important part of how I got through some of my early years.

"My dad took his own life when I was 7 years old, my mum remarried - there were a lot of tough years. Worship music was a place of safety for me.

"I learnt early on that when you come to the throne room of God it's not only a place of reverence - it's a place of refuge.

"When everything else in your world seems to be breaking - that's a place that will never change."

His new album Glory Song, is inspired by the laments of the Psalms, and includes a song called 'Questions' which talks about the struggles many face as believers.

Keen that people don't view him as someone who has a perfect life, he said: "When people see you on a stage they see you doing what God has gifted you - they don't see the struggles, the things you're still processing, the moments where you're not being as good a husband or father or friend as you want to be.

"Something about culture elevates anyone who's on a stage - especially in these days with social media.

"But Iooking at my childhood - I had a whole lot of healing from being in worship but the older I get the more I realise I'm not free from some of that stuff.

"On the emotional side of things I think I'd be a better husband, worshiper, father, friend, person if I could just get a little bit freer in this area so I've been going to some counselling for that.

"If you're up front in the church it doesn't exempt you from still having to work through being as whole a worshipper as you can be.

"It's so easy to project this veneer and you can play on that on social media and [people think] 'this person's got it all together and he's not like me' but that's not the case."

Glory Song is released today. Although the album was recorded in the USA where Redman now resides, he will be visiting the UK in November to perform as part of the Big Church Night In tour.

You can hear the full interview on Premier's Inspirational Breakfast on Wednesday 4th October.

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