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Matt Redman welcomes new 24-hour Christian music radio station

Sun 27 Mar 2016
By Marcus Jones

The worship leader Matt Redman says Premier Praise, the new Christian radio station playing classic and contemporary Christian music 24-hours a day, is going to make a "real impact on people in a wonderful way".

Welcoming the launch of Premier's new station on the new national DAB network on Easter Sunday - March 27th 2016 - Mr Redman declared: "This is fantastic. It's a joy.

"Worship music has the amazing ability to carry truth or hope or peace in someone's life."

And the first song played on Premier Praise was his acoustic version of a new song which he co-wrote, called 'Abide With Me' (not to be confused with the hymn of the same name).

"Worship music is special," he went on.

"It gave me a place to encounter Christ when I needed it. So many songs are a great window into the heart of God."

Before he left the studios at Premier Praise, Matt Redman said he thought the new station would really change people's lives for the better.

"I think, for many people, worship music happens just once a week in Church.

"What I love about this station is that the music will take people to that moment every day," he said.

Premier Praise begins every hour with a short prayer and will also feature short Bible readings, inspirational thoughts and stories of faith.

Its strap line is: "Light Up Your Life".

Peter Kerridge, Premier's CEO, today confirmed the new radio station's objectives.

"The aim of 'Premier Praise' is to help people develop their natural spiritual lives by delivering uplifting, inspiring, popular Christian music with warmth and understanding," he said.

"Apart from providing a feel-good, all-music alternative to Premier Christian Radio, we hope to attract people who might otherwise shun Christian media in favour of something more mainstream."

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