Missing student Joy Morgan's mum appeals to her church for help and man re-arrested

Wed 27 Feb 2019
By Cara Bentley

The mother of a missing student last seen at church has urged members of the church to help the investigation into her disappearance.

Joy Morgan, 21, was last seen dancing at a Israel United in Christ in Ilford (video below) on 26th December at an event but not reported missing until six weeks later on 7th February. 

Hertfordshire Police revealed on Tuesday that a 40 year old man from London has been re-arrested on suspicion of murder and remains in police custody. 

Her mother, Carol Morgan, said the last time she heard from her daughter, a student at the University of Hertfordshire, was when she tried to arrange for her to join a family event at Christmas.

Carol told Channel 4 News: "We were going out to a party at her auntie's for Christmas Boxing Day so I told her about it. But she said no, 'I don't believe in that mum, my faith don't believe in Christmas, I don't want to associate with it'.

In a Youtube video by Israel United Church in Christ (IUIC) members argue that birthdays and Christmas are not to be celebrated. 

"And I said OK, well I'll speak to you afterwards. But I didn't get a phone call back from her, so I kept Whatsapping her and Whatsapping her."

Ms Morgan made a plea to Israel United in Christ in Ilford in east London to give more information.

The church, which has outlets in London and Birmingham, is an offshoot of an American organisation linked to black nationalism, according to the US extremism monitor the Southern Poverty Law Centre.

In a youtube video, they argue that all black people are part of one of the tribes of Israel. 

Ms Morgan said: "There's no way she just disappeared into dust, and these people that are so family-orientated, such a close-knit church - brothers and sisters as you say.

"So, brothers and sisters, if you are listening, where is your sister? Where is your sister Joy? Brothers and sisters, where is your sister Joy. I don't know where she is, her mother here would like to know!"

The church had yet to respond, the broadcaster said.

Detective Chief Superintendent Karena Thomas from Hertfordshire Police said Miss Morgan is an "active member of the Hainault Street Church in Ilford, which Joy herself has described as a community that feels like her family."

Hertfordshire Police told the broadcaster that the church forms part of their investigation and that they are speaking to its members about the disappearance.

Miss Morgan is described as slim, around 5ft 5in, with Afro hair she regularly covers with a scarf, and glasses.

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