NT Wright

NT Wright appointed University of Oxford senior research fellow

Thu 22 Aug 2019
By Ruth Sax

Scholar and theologian NT Wright has been appointed as senior research fellow at Wycliffe Hall at the University of Oxford.

The former Bishop of Durham, the Rt Rev Prof Nicholas Thomas Wright is currently Research Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at St Mary's College, St Andrews in Scotland.

NT Wright prepared for ordained ministry at Wycliffe Hall and is one of the world's leading New Testament scholars, and a world authority on the apostle Paul.



Wright is the author of over 80 academic and lay-level books such as Surprised by Hope, The Day The Revolution Began and Paul: A Biography (writing under the name Tom Wright for a general audience).

Wright is ordained in the Church of England and, among other roles, served as Bishop of Durham between 2003 - 2010.

Rev Dr Michael Lloyd, Principal of Wycliffe Hall, said: "We are delighted that Tom will be joining us. Wycliffe aspires to be a centre for the intellectual renewal of the Church, and, through the Church, of society. I can think of no one who is better able to help us to make that aspiration a reality.

"Tom has reshaped the field of New Testament studies, he has defended the historicity of Jesus' resurrection with a thoroughness and sophistication never before attempted, and his impact reaches far beyond the boundaries of the church by his engagement with the traditional and new forms of media.

"He will help foster an intellectual fearlessness and a disciplined spirituality in the next generation of church leaders. We look forward to welcoming him and Maggie back to Oxford."

NT Wright has a long history with the University of Oxford, having studied Classics at Exeter College, Oxford, receiving his BA with first class honours in 1971.

From 1971 to 1973, he studied for the Anglican ministry at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, receiving his (Oxford) MA in 1975. He became a Junior Research Fellow at Merton College, Oxford and later also junior chaplain.
NT Wright will begin his new role on 1st October 2019.

You can listen to NT Wright's podcast with Premier where you can ask him anything here.

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