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Nearly 1M people could be facing religious discrimination at work

Mon 03 Apr 2017
By Alex Williams

Nearly one million people across Britain could be affected by religious discrimination, harassment or bullying at work, new research has found.

A study by ComRes has found religion is increasingly the butt of jokes at workplaces, taking the place of sexism which is now far less tolerated.

Speaking with Premier, director of ComRes Faith Research Centre Katie Harrison said: "That's really interesting because I think humour tells us a lot.

"So, this [study] isn't about censoring people's jokes but it's just helping people to understand that what we believe is a really important part of our lives, and that's not something that you would want to mock in somebody."

Published today, the Belief at Work study examined awareness among workplace leaders of the provisions of the Equality Act 2010.

Explaining the types of problems religious people can face at work, Katie Harrison said: "Often, what we find is that this quite low levels of just feeling annoyed, embarrassed or uncomfortable.

"So, people were telling us things like they would be in a work training about coping with difficult situations.

"They would be sitting there thinking 'Well, I know that I would be praying but I can't really say that because we don't talk about that here."

The report also found a disconnect between the provisions made by HR managers concerning the living out of faith at work, at the reality for some workers.

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