Only 1 in 3 schools perform traditional nativity

Fri 14 Dec 2018
By Rosie Wright

Mary and Joseph are falling out of fashion in place of Elvis and fairies at end of term school nativities.

In fact, the Christmas nativity is now more likely to feature aliens, fairies, or a flamingo rather than characters from the traditional Bible story.

A poll by Mumsnet showed that only a third of UK schools now hold a traditional nativity.

The survey revealed that 47 per cent of schools offer an "updated nativity".

In an attempt to stop the erosion of Christ from the Christmas story, this week, St James Church in Muswell Hill, North London have been putting on an immersive telling of the first Christmas.

Using dramatic scenery and props, they have made the church's interior look like 1st Century Bethlehem.

Joseph in his workshop St James, Muswell Hill


Over 900 primary school children have taken part this week and met actors dressed as characters from the bible story.

King Herod at St James, Muswell Hill


Ashley Nichols, head of children's ministry at St James and the man behind the 'Christmas Experience', told Premier the original story is the best version to tell children:

He said: "We just need to make it creative in the way we tell the story, we need to engage children's hearts in how we tell it well.

"It's not a boring story - so we shouldn't make it like that."

Nichols says that the experience has been very well received by the children: "It's so encouraging seeing so many children come round, lots of them hearing the story for the first time - their eyes light up as they hear the story."

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