British Pie Awards
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Prayers mark start of Church pie contest

Wed 09 Mar 2016
By Alex Williams

Prayers have been said at a Leicestershire church on Wednesday for pie makers and their livelihoods.

Melton Mowbray Team Parish/Andrew Nicholson

St Mary's in the village Melton Mowbray - home to a pork pie of the same name - has once again hosted the annual British Pie Awards.

Around 120 people are thought to have crowded into the church and taken part in the competition which involves 700 pies spread across 20 categories.

Classes include best chicken pie, dessert pie, gluten-free pie, vegetarian pie and 'truly regal pie' - a pie to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday, this year.

Speaking to Premier Christian Radio before the contest began, Revd Kevin Ashby said: "I'm down in the programme, as I am every year, as blessing the pies.

"Now, I'm not really into blessing inanimate objects so what I tend to do is thank God for the pies but particularly ask that God will bless the people who make them and obviously the people that eat them as well.

"For the people who take part in these awards, it's actually their livelihoods that are at stake. They come from all over the country, bringing a whole variety of pies with them.

"Obviously, for them, it's serious business so actually asking God to bless them and bless the event is, I think, is very important.

British Pie Awards

Revd Ashby added: "I'd like to see more church buildings used for these kinds of events. I think if we're very precious about our buildings and only use them say, for once on a Sunday, then a really important public amenity is going to waste."

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