Rev Richard Coles amuses Twitter with loo drama

Sun 25 Aug 2019
By Tola Mbakwe

Rev Richard Coles gave his 197,000 Twitter followers lots of laughs on Saturday when he shared that he was trapped in a bedroom and needed to use the toilet.

The vicar of Finedon, Northamptonshire was staying in a friend’s home in Edinburgh when he realised he the door handle was broken. He got so desperate the he peed in a jug in the bedroom.




He didn’t want to wake his friend up to ask for help so he turned to Twitter for help instead.


Some people jokingly sent him their thoughts and prayers. Others told him to use a wire hanger to get the door open or to climb out of the window.



The former Strictly Come Dancing contestant even looked for solutions on YouTube but said it was useless.


He later said that his host ended up getting him out when he "sprang” him from the other side.

He added: "In a fit of conscience I told my host that I had to pee in his jug because I was trapped in my room this morning (due to his poor maintenance of the door handle).

"He now wants the jug destroyed rather than just thoroughly washed.

"I think this is an over-reaction."

On Sunday morning Rev Coles said that he put a shoe in the doorway to prevent him from getting trapped again. 

"For those who kindly expressed concern, I have deployed powerful technology to mitigate the risk of getting trapped in my room again," he said jokingly. 

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