Graham Lacdao, St Paul’s Cathedral

Rowan Williams backs new Eco Church project

Wed 27 Jan 2016
By Antony Bushfield

A new award scheme has been launched for churches across England and Wales to recognise how environmentally friendly they are.

Eco Church is backed by former Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams and aims to help churches be greener.

Launched by Arocha UK, the first bronze award was given to St Paul's Cathedral.

Two other categories are achievable, silver and gold.

Graham Lacdao, St Paul’s Cathedral


"After recent climate change talks in Paris, Eco Church helps churches integrate environmental care through worship, management of buildings and land, community and global engagement, and personal lifestyle of church members", said A Rocha UK Churches And Theology Director, Dr Ruth Valerio.

Churches can log onto the website and fill out a survey one five key areas: Worship and teaching, Management of church buildings, Management of church land, Community and global engagement and Lifestyle.

After achieving each level, the buildings will be able to display a plaque showing their award.

Graham Lacdao, St Paul’s Cathedral


Former Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams launched the scheme and said: "I think it's for the Church to show the world around that there are things that can be done.

"Quite simple things, about monitoring your environmental footprint that make a difference."

He told Premier he thought the take up would be high: "20 years ago or so, the number of people really committed or interested in this was pretty small but looking at the crowds here tonight I think that there's a real turn in the tide."

You can visit the website here.

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