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Salvation Army apologises for using donated Paul McCartney concert tickets

Fri 29 Dec 2017
By Eno Adeogun

The Salvation Army in Australia has apologised for misusing two tickets specifically donated for the homeless to go to a Paul McCartney concert.

The tickets donated by a Beatles fan in Melbourne were instead used by the daughter of the Christian charity's head, after two tickets were allegedly returned just hours before event.

The donor who gave a total of seven tickets to the charity, complained when he spotted Major Brendan Nottle’s daughter at the show.

Chris McDonald told The Age newspaper it took him more than a year to save up to buy the tickets, which cost about A$2,350 (£1,360).

He said he had been homeless himself as a young man, and wanted to "give something to people who need a lift".

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Major Nottle defended using the tickets and told Australian radio station 3AW that he had no role in giving the tickets to his daughter.

He added: To be blunt, do homeless people need tickets to Paul McCartney or do they need a roof over their head?”

The Salvation Army, which is one of Australia's largest charitable organisations has apologised to Mr McDonald and will reimburse him for all seven tickets.

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