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Salvation Army elects new global leader

Mon 28 May 2018
By Alex Williams

A new General has been chosen to lead the world's more than one million Salvation Army members.

Commissioner Brian Peddle will officially assume the position in August, when he will succeed the current incumbent André Cox.

The Canadian told Premier the new role was "quite exciting on some fronts [but] among other fronts it's quite intimidating".


He explained: "To lead an international denomination that has also a significant social response footprint in 128 countries - that poses its own challenges."

A meeting of The Salvation Army's High Council elected Commissioner Peddle to become the movement's 21st General during a summit in west London last week.

Setting out his plans for the Salvation Army, he said: "We need to continue to open ourselves to expansion in places and countries where we are not yet [present].

"We need to proclaim the Gospel clearly to the world."

Commissioner Peddle is currently Chief of Staff for The Salvation Army's international headquarters in central London.


He was formerly Chief Secretary for the movement in the UK and Ireland, before becoming the Territorial Commander in Canada and Bermuda in 2011.

Worldwide, The Salvation Army has more than 100,000 employees.

Asked how people can pray for the organisation, Commissioner Peddle answered: "I would like for the Army to have courage to respond to some issue that we're aware of - whether that's human trafficking or domestic violence, and the ability to move into countries where [gaining] registration and permission is still difficult for us."

Click here to listen to Premier's Cara Bentley speaking with Commissioner Brian Peddle:

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