Survey finds most people who call themselves Anglican never read the Bible

Fri 15 Sep 2017
By Premier Journalist

Most people who call themselves Church of England Christians never read the Bible. That is one of the findings of a survey commissioned by the Church of England to help revamp its evangelism efforts.

Figures show that 60 per cent of self-declared followers of the Church admit they never read the Bible. Meanwhile, 36 per cent say they never attend church and one in three says they never pray.

The figures from ComRes survey show that many who claim to be Christian do not actually take part in many of the activities normally associated with the faith.

While 51 per cent of those who took part in the survey said they were Christians, only six per cent of those polled read the Bible, prayed and attended church at least once a week. Those who said they were followers of the Church of England were the least observant.

Rachel Jordan, the Church's national mission and evangelism adviser told Premier the survey has given the Church a real sense of the scale of the task ahead.

She said: "What we were trying to work out is what our team is and who is really with us. Then you can see more of the scale of the task.

"We can see that a lot of people have an affiliation to us but they don't put anything in practice so we are going to work hard to relate to them."

Jordan also told Premier the Church wants to work out how to connect with non-Christians.

She added: "The good news is that of those who were not Christian, 67 per cent of them knows one of us who are an active Christian. So that gives us a chance to actually influence them."

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