Domino's/Solihull BID/Twitter

Vicar condemns 'blasphemous' Domino's Pizza deal

Fri 22 Dec 2017
By Alex Williams

A vicar has accused Domino's of sending him a "blasphemous" pizza advert to display at his church in the West Midlands during Christmas.

Rev Toby Crow claimed he received a giant glossy poster promoting the delivery chain's 'Saviour deal', which offers customers up to half price on their order.

Domino's/Solihull BID/Twitter


Writing a letter to the Church Times, he asked: "Am I alone in finding this offensive, even blasphemous?"

"Or could it be, rather, a sign of how marginalised the Christian faith has become, when nobody in the marketing department of a national in fact international retail chain either recognises its offensiveness or cares?"

The 45 year old leader of Elmdon Church in Solihull suspected the poster could be a ploy to generate publicity from any backlash the campaign creates.

He added: "Of course, the worst case scenario is one in which they know exactly what they're doing, and are hoping for the additional publicity that [a] boycott would give them.

"But nobody would stoop that low, right?"

Louise Butler, a spokesperson for Domino’s commented: “The Office Saviour deal, launched in early November, and was advertised to local organisations and businesses in the area.

"We would like to apologise for any unintentional offence caused”.

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