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Vicar loses vote to get his own church bells silenced at night

Thu 11 Apr 2019
By Cara Bentley

A vicar who wanted his own church bells to stop chiming so he can sleep has lost his appeal.

Rev David Parry said the bells of St Mary and All Saints' Church in Conwy were disturbing his sleep as they ring every 15 minutes.

The medieval church is right next to the vicar's house and he worried that the chimes might put off tourists as well.



He wrote to Conwy Town Council about the noise and asked for them to be silenced between 00:15 and 6:15.

The town council conducted a survey of the 400 residents and of the 210 responses, only six said they agreed the bells should be silenced.

One resident told North Wales Live: "I'm glad common sense has prevailed, those clock chimes have been chiming since the 19th century and are part of the town's fabric.

"They aren't very loud, and I'm happy I'll continue to hear them during the night if I'm awake as I find them comforting."

Rev David Parry said to the local press: "I am grateful to the town council for considering this. Their decision not to silence the bells overnight won't change my really positive relationship with them or the way we serve this lovely town together."

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