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Vicar makes wedding after car crash

Sat 09 Jan 2016
By Marcus Jones

A vicar's made it to a wedding despite enduring a car crash in which his vehicle flipped.

Father Brian Williams from Sneyd Holy Trinity Church in Stoke-on-Trent was driving to a morning service where he was due to play the organ when his car skidded and went out of control. He hit a tree before landing on the roof.

In the car with him was a friend and his dog.

They had to be dragged to safety by fire-fighters before the sixty one year old made his way to his second service of the day - the wedding.

Recalling the events to the Stoke Sentinel, he said: "We slid on a notorious bend, hitting the kerb, which threw the car through a hedge, travelling sideways until it hit a tree, which stopped us. The police said it was fortuitous that we hit the tree when we did.

"The car was a mess, but my first thought was how annoyed I was with myself. My second thought was whether Paul was OK. He was extremely calm though.

Father Williams said he was annoyed to miss mass. "However, I did make it back just in time for a cup of coffee and a wedding at 12.30pm," he said. "I was determined to get to the wedding.

"Later a sergeant came to visit me to make sure I was OK, and a service commander from the fire service also called to check up on me. They are truly wonderful people. I cannot thank them enough."

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