Vicar of Dibley most likely to vote ‘remain’ in EU ref

Tue 31 May 2016
By Marcus Jones

Geraldine Grainger, better known as The Vicar of Dibley has topped a list of fictional characters likely to vote ‘remain’ in the EU referendum later this month.

Polling organisation YouGov asked voters how they thought 30 different fictional characters might vote on June 23rd.

Despite the Church of England remaining impartial, voters saw Dibley’s comical vicar as firmly in the pro EU camp.

Also most likely to vote remain were Mary Poppins and Yes Minister’s Sir Humphrey Appleby.

On the other side of the debate, Basil Fawlty of Fawlty Towers, Jim Royle of The Royle Family and Del Boy of Only Fools and Horses were most likely to vote remain.



Responding to the poll, campaign group Britain Stronger for Europe said: "As Mary Poppins would say, Euro allies are fantastic, Brexit is atrocious.
“From Pontypandy to Dibley to Hogwarts, Britain is stronger, safer and better off in Europe."

And campaigner as Vote Leave were delighted to receive Derek Trotter's support. A spokesman said: "Del Boy knew a dodgy deal when he saw one – he knows that Dodgy Dave is trying to pull the wool over our eyes and is telling porkies about the EU."

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