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'We've reached a crossroads': Christians gather to reflect on climate change

Wed 17 Jul 2019
By Eno Adeogun

Christians on Wednesday gathered in London by Waterloo to reflect on all that we stand to lose through climate breakdown.

Christian Climate Action and Christian Aid joined forces to hold a prayer vigil to reflect on how God's creation is being treated.

Around 30 people took part and prayed, listened to readings and stories by vulnerable people threatened by what was described as a "climate change crisis".


Melanie Nazareth from Christian Climate Action and Extinction Rebellion spoke to Premier from the event.

She explained why the vigil was so important: "We wanted to do this in the middle of the campsite because we really thought it was particularly important for our faith to be really visible.

"For us, faith without action is not the way that we would express our faith. But to do action and works without visibly expressing our faith is unsustainable.

"So we were there to sustain ourselves, but also to be a presence in the community."

The campaign group Extinction Rebellion have held a number of protests across the capital recently in an effort to encourage the government to do more to deal with the issue of climate change.

While the protests have caused disruption to many commuters, Nazareth insisted that was a necessary price to pay.


She explained: "As someone who has been on marches, we haven't really shifted and we have got such a small window to really help give a voice in particular, to those who are already feeling the effects.

"We can't just rely on carrying on business as usual. We hold the responsibility to look after people who are currently affected by this and we've got to take this direct action."

She also called for the Church to do more to tackle climate issues.

"I think Christians do care about the environment, we are called to stewardship of God's great creation," she said.

"Some of us express that in prayer and it would be really wonderful if churches prayed for the planet, but also for the work that we do, they can sustain us.

"I think it's really important to recognise that we've reached a crossroads…we've got to somehow stop and churches could lead the way in enabling people to come together as communities and to lead the fight against fossil fuels and to be there just to press this issue with the government."

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