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'Why does it matter?': Dan Walker responds to criticism of his faith

Fri 12 Feb 2016
By Antony Bushfield

Journalist Dan Walker has responded to criticism of his faith by a number of national newspapers.

The 38-year-old has just been appointed to the presenting team of BBC Breakfast.

On Thursday, The Times newspaper questioned his ability as a journalist because he was a Christian and creationist.

"His appointment to the prime-time show has set tongues wagging in the corporation, as fellow journalists ponder how the devout Christian is going to deal with some of the stories that come his way," the newspaper claimed.

Telegraph columnist Rupert Myers said: "Creationists cannot be trusted to report objectively... or to interact reasonably with their interviewees and with the public."

Appearing on BBC Radio 2's Chris Evans Breakfast Show the father of three rebuffed the accusations.

"I thought that we live in a tolerant society where you can be a Christian, you can be a Muslim, you can be a Jew and you get on with life."

He added: "I'm persecuted for being a Christian... why does it matter?

"I'm a journalist, it's not going to affect the way I do my job is it?"

Chris Evans questioned if press reports that Walker refused to work Sundays were true.

"Yeah, my faith is important to me," he replied.

"I don't get anyone into a spiritual headlock, I don't turn into a weird pumpkin at one past midnight on a Sunday morning, I just enjoy spending my Sunday's with my family at church with my friends."

When his spokeswoman was asked whether Walker believed God created the world in seven days or was simply behind the creation of the universe she replied: "Dan is a Christian who believes that God is behind creation".

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