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Young people encouraged to share faith

Sat 27 Feb 2016
By Hannah Tooley

A Christian youth director has told Premier that young people can bring more followers to Christ by sharing their faith. 

Phil Timson, Youth Director for Hope, was speaking before the Youth Evangelism Conference on Saturday, and told Premier that young people can sometimes be embarrassed by the idea of sharing their faith.

He said: "I think it's recognising the need for young people to share their faith and the urgency that there is to do that, and also to recognise that we are called and we are commanded by Jesus to share our faith."

It comes as some argue the Church could be accused of losing its confidence in evangelism, especially among the young.

Mr Timson added: "The more we can recognise the cost of following Jesus, that it isn't going to be easy, that we're not going to have all the answers, that we might get some stick - but actually that there's an obedience needed in following Jesus."

The first Youth Evangelism Conference, held in Cambridge, aims to inspire vision, enable action and champion the cause of reaching young people.

Phil Timson said he hopes it will encourage others: "As they own this call to go and as they dare to take a few risks, as they dare to overcome a few fears they catch the bug which is actually living the adventure of begin a despile and realise it's not as difficult as perhaps they've percieved it to be."

Evangelist J John said: "There is an urgency for effective youth ministry and evangelism.

"This conference will equip, inspire, and encourage for a 'time such as this'. If you have been called to youth ministry and evangelism do not miss this unique conference - there will be divine synergy that will make a difference."

Listen to Premier's Hannah Tooley speak to Phil Timson here:

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