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Zac Goldsmith: Easter "really could not be more important"

Sat 26 Mar 2016
By Aaron James

The Conservative London mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith has told Premier Easter "really could not be more important".

Zac Goldsmith was speaking after he attended a Good Friday service at All Souls, Langham Place (below) in central London in the morning.

The mayoral candidate then went on a Walk of Witness organised by Methodist Central Hall in Westminster.

He joined hundreds of Christians on the march before visiting a Salvation Army branch at Regent Hall Church on Oxford Street.

Mr Goldsmith told Premier in an exclusive interview: "The day is special, and the celebration and reflection on what today means is special, not just for Christians but for people across the board.

"It marks something enormously symbolic, world-changing.

"It's a day of remembering, it's a day of hope, it's a day of forgiveness.

"It really could not be more important as a symbol for people across all our various communities.

"The story of Jesus is not a story that is relevant only to Christians.

"I think anyone, no matter where they come from, no matter their background, has to recognise the lessons and the life that Jesus led - it's sort of unavoidable."

Before setting off on the Walk of Witness and visiting the Salvation Army (below), Zac Goldsmith also acknowledged social inequality in London in regards to the number of homeless people in the capital.



Mr Goldsmith said Christians contribute "immeasurably" to London by helping them and other people in difficult or vulnerable situations.

He said: "Salvation Army is a really valuable, really extraordinary organisation.

"In my own constituency, Richmond Park and North Kingston, all the most valuable, all the most important and meaningful work that I'm involved in, relating to the homeless for example, relating to addiction, is conducted by people associated with the Christian church.

"I work very closely with an organisation called the Vineyard, which is so successful it draws people in from other boroughs!

"If I'm elected mayor, I will regard it as my duty to make sure people aren't left behind."

Listen to Premier's Aaron James speak exclusively to Zac Goldsmith:

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