Forty bishops and over 600 church leaders and clergy from across all the major Christian denominations... More

The people of Liverpool fell silent this afternoon as the Great George bell at Liverpool Cathedral rang... More

A biblical scholar claims parts of the Gospel of Luke were written by Mary, the mother of Jesus. More

A number of organisations are accusing a Nigerian preacher of potentially harming children she thinks... More

Sixteen Bills have been passed and five others are carried over to the new Session. The next session will conclude with the General Election on May 7th.The economy will inevitably be a major electoral... More

The Prime Minister is praising churches for the work they do in the local community in his Easter message,... More

Visitors at Christian conference Spring Harvest are being invited to become world record breakers la... More

Pope Francis is being accused by survivors of just saying 'words' in his latest attempts to tackle the... More

A singing Irish priest has become a major hit on YouTube. More

The Bishop of Swansea and Brecon and a number of other Lords Spirituals have praised the Advertising... More

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