The soul singer who died in August will be honoured with a mural in the church where she grew up. More

A Christian sports coach taken off duty after he refused to stop leading post-match prayers for students has been denied permission to appeal against the... More

Zimbabweans are being urged by the recently retired Bishop of Harare not to lose hope amid a deadly crackdown by security forces. More

A pastor's twelve-year-old daughter has died after a snow fort collapsed on her on Sunday while she played... More

A South Texas jury has found a man not guilty by reason of insanity in a fatal church stabbing last... More

The Catholic Church in Fiji has warned it is prepared to close all of its schools if the government continues... More

A Christian man and woman appealing against jail sentences for "spreading propaganda against the regime"... More

Bible scholars fear a site believed to be where Moses received the Ten Commandments could be bulldozed... More

Catholics all over the world will now be able to know what the Pope is praying for thanks to a new a... More

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