The names of 109 priests accused of sex abuse in the Diocese of Phoenix will be released on Wednesday. More

Christian rugby player Israel Folau has now raised over AUS $1.5m after launching a new fundraising page after his first attempt was shut down. More

The Russian Orthodox Church is moving forward with new guidelines seeking to ban priests from blessing weapons of mass destruction and other large military... More

Madonna has said she thinks Jesus would have allowed abortions to happen. More

There are growing concerns for Christians in Eritrea after the arrest of children, pregnant women and... More

Houston Texans football star Deshaun Watson has shared the moment he was baptised in the River Jordan... More

The Christian rugby player Israel Folau, who has been trying to get his job back after posting a Bible... More

Eighteen months after claiming he couldn't wait to go to heaven, Luis Palau has returned to overseas... More

A global celebration of the contributions that women and girls have made to the church was held in Amsterdam... More

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