2017 news review: Around the world

Thu 21 Dec 2017
By Marcus Jones

Like much of 2016, Donald Trump dominated world affairs. Calls continued for Christians to abandon support for him, this time following comments with intensified racial tensions in the states.

Travel bans, Jerusalem and Twitter kept the US president in the headlines in what turned out to be a difficult year for his country as it battled flooding and yet more mass shootings.



Texas bore the brunt of the bad weather as thousands fled torrential rain. While churches responded with large number, megachurch pastor Joel Osteen received criticism for appearing to not do enough to help.

The Lone Star State also had to come to terms with a shooting attack on a church which left 28 dead. Tragically, that wasn't the worse gun attack of 2017 with 58 country music fans being shot dead by a lone gunman in a Las Vegas hotel.

David Becker/Getty Images


Away from the states, Zimbabwe finally got rid of Robert Mugabe - with a local bishop telling Premier that "God has given us a chance".

Australia joined the UK and USA in legalising gay marriage - something Brian Houston of Hillsong said would have "wide-reaching ramifications".

The word Rohingya hit the headlines as members of the minority group were forced to flee violence in Myanmar to neighbouring Bangladesh.

L'Osservatore Romano/Pool Photo via AP


There was a will he/won't he moment when Pope Francis visited the region and was warned about using the word "Rohingya" for political reasons. The pontiff did in the end and also apologised for the "indifference of the world" to their plight.

Flooding didn't just affect the USA. Irma, Maria, Harvey - it felt at times that we were running out of names for storms as the Caribbean and India were also hit badly.

Iraq claimed it got a grip of Islamic State yet every quarter of the world seemed to be targeted by extremists during 2017.


While plenty of grim news came to the fore in the last 12 months - in sport all eyes were on Usain Bolt to bring some much needed joy before his retirement.

Unfortunately he was beaten by a drug cheat in his final individual race before injuring himself in his final relay. Pretty much summed up 2017.

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