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5 things we learned this week

Fri 22 Jan 2016
By Sam Hailes

Here's five things we've learned this week from the world of Christian news

1. Donald Trump says he has a 'great relationship with God'


In an interview with CNN, Donald Trump said, "I like to be good. I don't like to have to ask for forgiveness...And I am good; I don't do a lot of things that are bad, I try and do nothing that's bad." The politician has spoken previously about the Bible being his favourite book and how tries to take communion as often as possible.

2. The Vatican wants Britain to stay in the EU

Tim Ireland/PA Wire

Britain is better staying in the European Union, the Vatican has said. The Pope's Foreign Secretary Archbishop Paul Gallagher said the UK was "better in than out" but added "The Holy See respects the ultimate decision of the British people - that's for the British electorate to decide."

3. Pastor Saeed Abedini has been released from prison in Iran

Pastor Saeed Abedini was flown to Germany for medical treatment after being freed from an Iranian prison. The American Christian, who was jailed for his faith three years ago, has been released as part of an exchange. He was one of four Americans imprisoned in Iran who were exchanged for seven Iranians held or charged in the United States.

4. Christian MP will disobey law if Ofstead inspect Sunday schools

Photo: Wikimedia

Conservative MP David Burrowes has told Premier he will refuse to follow a new law which would allow Ofsted inspectors into church Sunday schools and youth camps. He called for civil "disobedience" if the government continues with its plans for new anti-extremism rules.

5. Justin Welby has had an 'extraordinary' week

PA Wire

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has described the Primates' meeting as one of the most extraordinary weeks he's ever experienced. He explained how the week had been rooted in prayer, thanking the "millions" of Christians who had prayed.

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