Asia Bibi 'not seen Sun or Moon' during 2016

Thu 29 Sep 2016
By Marcus Jones

The lawyer of Asia Bibi has exclusively told Premier of her desperate situation as she waits to appeal her death sentence.

The Christian mother is facing the death penalty after being accused of insulting the prophet Mohammed during a conversation at work.

She's been in prison for over a decade as she fights to clear her name.

Her final appeal hearing is due to held in October. If she's not acquitted she could be hanged within 30 days of the verdict.

Khalil Tahir Sindhu is representing her and has been visiting her in prison once a month.

Speaking to Premier, he explained how she was suffering but staying strong in her faith.

"Right now she is behind bars," he said. "She has not seen, unfortunately, the Sun or the Moon this year."

"She is very, very strong in her faith. There was so many attempts to convert her but she said 'no - I will remain faithful' and she has remained faithful."

Tahir, who is also the minister for human rights and minority affairs in the Punjab state, spoke of how he had suffered personally as a result of defending Asia Bibi.

He said: "It was published in the international newspapers.

"People were outside my home taking snaps but I don't feel any fear because I have a faith in God.

"They can kill my body but not my soul and not my dreams."

Appealing for prayers, he said: "She's totally innocent so pray for her and pray for me because anything could happen to me. But I'm ready to pay the price and I'm carrying the cross."

Her appeal is expected to be heard around the 12th or 13th October.

Listen to Khalil Tahir Sindhu speaking to Premier's Marcus Jones.

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