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Baptists indicate support for abortion in Zika hit nations

Fri 12 Feb 2016
By Antony Bushfield

The president of the Alliance of Baptists of Brazil has indicated his Church is open to the idea of abortions for women with the Zika virus.

Joel Zeferino was speaking as the debate on terminations reignited in his country amid the spread of Zika which can lead to birth defects in babies.

"We understand this is an issue that needs to be discussed with society in a much more open and democratic manner," he said.

AP Photo/Felipe Dana


"We need to include in this debate the women who suffer these abortions, the women who live on the outskirts of our cities, the black women, these are the ones who, in fact, resort to illegal abortions."

Abortion is illegal in Brazil but calls are mounting on the government to change the law so females infected with the virus can have a termination.

The Zika outbreak is spreading rapidly across Latin America.

PA Wire


Elsewhere the Anglican Church has said it remains undecided on the issue whilst the Catholic Church has confirmed it remains prolife regardless of the virus.

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has met with members of the National Council of Christian Churches of Brazil to ask them to talk about Zika from the pulpit.

She wants to use churches to spread awareness about Zika.

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