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British Christian missing in Israel

Tue 16 Jan 2018
By Alex Williams

There is speculation Christian who vanished in Israel eight weeks ago may suffer from so-called 'Jerusalem Syndrome' believe he is a Biblical figure.

Oliver McAfee from Northern Ireland has not been seen since 21st November 2017, while he was cycling through the Negev desert in the south of Israel.

Raz Arbel, who has been leading a team of volunteers in searching for the 29 year old, was quoted by the Daily Telegraph as saying: "He seems to have been doing all kinds of ceremonies that we don't really understand".


Mr McAfee had been living in Essex when he decided to go travelling around the world last year, partly in order to help him cope with depression.

Police discovered a trail of pages torn out from the Bible and weighed down by stones which they think Mr McAfee left behind, as well as handwritten notes.

Ollie McAfee/Facebook


Authorities believe Mr McAfee, who arrived in Israel in late October last year and had been due to return to the UK on 1st December, may have chosen to disappear.

Search teams believe he may be suffering from Jerusalem Syndrome - a well-documented condition whereby visitors to the Holy Land experience psychotic delusions, including the belief they are figures from the Bible.

Ollie McAfee/Facebook


They have used drones and dogs to try and find Mr McAfee but there are fears he may have died in the Negev desert.

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