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Call for Christians to stand against euthanasia after scientist, 104, dies in Switzerland

Thu 10 May 2018
By Tola Mbakwe

There's a call for Christians to take a strong stance against assisted suicide after a 104-year-old British-born scientist ended his life in Switzerland.

According to right-to-die group Exit International, Australian biologist David Goodall was declared dead at 12.30pm on Thursday.

Mr Goodall had travelled to Switzerland to take advantage of the country's assisted suicide laws.


The scientist, described by Exit International as its first member, said this week that he had been researching suicide for about 20 years, but only started thinking about it for himself after his quality of life deteriorated over the last year.

Jennifer Lea, legal counsel for Christian human rights and religious freedom group ADF International, told Premier News Hour it's very concerning.

"As a Christian we don't have a right over our life and particularly under international law there is no right to die. While we must have compassion for those who are suffering and dying, we don't support the right to die, the right to suicide. We can't function as a society if we allow euthanasia."


Goodall cited a lack of mobility, doctor's restrictions and an Australian law prohibiting him from taking his own life among his complaints, but he was not ill.

Lea said Goodall's decision could have a knock-on effect for others contemplating it.

"He was an activist, he... had a plan in place, he understood the repercussion. He was clearly using his death as a last statement to the world in support of euthanasia activists."

Exit International said Goodall did not want a funeral and requested that his body be donated to medicine or his ashes sprinkled locally.

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