Catholics accused of censoring French film

Thu 06 Aug 2015
By Hannah Tooley

The director of a French film has blamed the Catholic influence in the country for increasing the age restriction on it.

The film, Love, was booed at the Cannes film festival in May and has been heavily criticised by critics.

Love, features non-simulated 3D scenes of sex and was consequently awarded an 18 age certificate - a rare rating in France.

However the film's director and producer say this decision reflects the influence of conservative religious groups in the country - both have appealed to the state watchdog, Conseil d'Etat.

Following the over-ruling of the age 16 viewing certificate to age 18, the producer, Vincent Maravao tweeted: "In France it is now forbidden to love if you are under the age of 18."

Speaking in the French paper Liberation, he continued: "We must now wait for the ruling of the Conseil d'Etat.

"We will then know what kind of country France has become."

A legal challenge to the 16 age certificate was made by a right-wing group, Promouvoir, it works to promote "Judeo-Christian values in all areas of social life."

Love, is described by its makers as non-pornographic and another director, speaking in The Independent, said: "The decision is absurd at a time when anyone, minor or not, can easily find on the internet images far more traumatic than anything in Gaspar Noe's film."

Patrice Andre, a lawyer for the far-right party that from away from Front National, disagreed: "Why do film producers absolutely insist on showing such destructive scenes to the young?"

The debate continues.

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