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Charity helps millions of people read the Bible in their language

Tue 13 Mar 2018
By Eno Adeogun

More than 580 million people have the chance to read the Bible in their native language thanks to a Christian charity.

A global network of Bible Societies called The United Bible Societies celebrated translating the Bible into 49 different languages last year.

Michael Perreau, the charity's director, told Premier about why it's important the translation of Bibles continues despite the difficulties in doing so.


"When I read the Bible in my mother tongue, it goes to my heart. It resonates deep into my soul," he said during Premier's News Hour.

"And that's a big difference when we have languages that we have been brought up which we live around - wrap and surround our lives with - that's a big difference."

As languages change and develop over time, the Bible Societies have been challenged with to revising existing translations or providing new translations, when requested.

This resulted in 2017 to 26 new translations and revisions, plus nine study editions.

Perreau encouraged people to remember the translators in their prayers as they are "really the Bible heroes".

The United Bible Societies is currently involved in other projects to ensure as many people as possible can read the Bible.

In 2017, Bible Societies in 32 countries ran Braille projects and there are 26 active sign language projects, with ten more in the planning and preparation stages.

Listen to Michael Perreau speaking with Premier's Eno Adeogun:

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