Christian Aid says Syrians flee 'deliberate' airstrikes

Thu 11 Apr 2013
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Claim follows report by campaign group Human Rights Watch which says government forces targeted civilians from the air.

Christian Aid has told Premier it has met refugees on the Iraqi/Syrian border who have been forced to flee Aleppo after their homes were destroyed by airstrikes in Syria.

The agency says it's one of the few charities based in the makeshift camps in northern Kurdish Iraq which has been able to offer minimal aid to the increasing number of refugees escaping the violent conflict.

It comes only hours after a report by Human Rights Watch said the Syrian government has carried out indiscriminate and sometimes deliberate airstrikes against civilians killing at least 4,300 people since last summer.

The human rights group said Syrian fighter jets have deliberately targeted bakeries, breadlines and hospitals in the country's northern region, and that amounts to war crimes.

Pheobe Aranki-Stoves from Christian Aid has been helping Syrian refugees on the Iraqi border. She told Des Busteed during Premier's News Hour that a woman she met had to flee with her family after their home was destroyed:

Meanwhile, G8 leaders meeting in London today expressed their "deep concern" at the ongoing conflict in Syria.

The Foreign Secretary admitted that the world has failed Syria.

William Hague said the group has pledged to provide more humanitarian aid, but made no mention of arming the rebels:

"The United Nations Security Council as I've said in Parliament the last time we discussed this has not fulfiled its responsibilities on Syria, because it is divided.

"That division continues, have we solved that division at this meeting? No."

And US Secretary of State John Kerry met opposition leaders in London yesterday to discuss ways to step up aid to rebels fighting to topple the regime in Damascus.

The United Nations says that more than 70,000 people have been killed in Syria's two year-old conflict.

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