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Christian MP says Zimbabwe's suffering most severe drought "in living memory"

Fri 22 Jan 2016
By Hannah Tooley

A Christian MP in Zimbabwe has told Premier that his country is suffering the most severe drought in living memory.

Eddie Cross, Christian and opposition Member of Parliament (Movement for Democratic Change) for Bulawayo South, told Premier's News Hour that El Nino, a special weather pattern, has meant little rainfall, leaving thousands of people unable to grow crops or harvest maize.

He said previous droughts have not been this bad: "We're in the grip of the most severe drought I think in living memory.

"In South Africa they say the drought is the worst for 180 years.

"The first and most important, urgent thing, is a shortage of water.

"We're going to face within the next two or three months if we don't have heavy widespread rain... probably more than a million people who're going to become internally displaced refugees."

Unicef claims around 11 million children in eastern and Southern Africa are facing hunger and Premier has been told that six countries in southern and central Africa will be severely affected by this process, including Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe.for Zimbabwe Partnership Trust 

Mr Cross also asked Christians to pray for ordinary Zimbabweans as food prices rise and crop harvest fail: "I think it's principally leadership that we need in order to get the resources and then distribute them equitably throughout the country.

"People should really pray for the ordinary people here because the situation is catastrophic."

Listen to Premier's Antony Bushfield speak to Eddie Cross here

Listen to Premier's Hannah Tooley speak to Jon Spalding, from the Zimbabwe Partnership Trust here:

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