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Christian medical expert calls American cancer trial a "significant step forward"

Tue 16 Feb 2016
By Aaron James

A Christian medical expert has called an American cancer therapy trial, which saw more than 9 in 10 patients go into remission, a "significant step forward" in fighting the disease.

Steve Fouch from the Christian Medical Fellowship has been speaking to Premier after a study, which reprogrammed a patient's cells to attack cancerous cells, caused it to vanish in 94% of participants.

Specifically, the researchers took out certain immune cells from the patients and recalibrated them to target malignant cells - in this case, leukaemia cells.

The participants were all terminally ill and had tried all other available treatments which had not worked.

However, two people died because of the genetic remodification.

Also, it remains to be seen how effective this method - known as immunotherapy - will be with solid tumours, rather than blood-based cancers as in this trial.

The data from the study is yet to be published or peer-reviewed.

Steve Fouch, told Premier's News Hour: "In the patients that they have treated... of people with very advanced cancer who'd failed all other treatments, as many as 94% of people were going into remission after treatment.

"Now that is very significant, because no other cancer treatments tend to have that degree of success.

"It's slightly more tricky with solid tumours in the body... but there's no reason to believe that can't be done.

"It could potentially be quite a significant step forward in treating cancer."

Listen to Premier's Hannah Tooley speaking to Steve Fouch on the News Hour:

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