Christian peer: North Korea drinking in last chance saloon

Thu 06 Jul 2017
By Marcus Jones

A Christian peer who chairs the All Party Parliamentary Group on North Korea has told Premier the secretive state is "drinking in the last chance saloon" after its recent missile test.

Lord Alton has been speaking after President Trump said "severe things" may follow unless the country curbs its nuclear programme.

Addressing a crowd in Poland, he said: "It's a shame that they're behaving this way," he said of North Korea's leaders. "But they are behaving in a very, very dangerous manner, and something will have to be done about it."



The US has been considering a range of possible sanctions, economic measures and other steps in response to Pyongyang.

The response has been defended by Lord Alton.

Speaking on Premier's News Hour, he said: "It's pretty understandable that when you send back an American citizen comatose and he dies days later, then you choose American Independence Day to launch an inter-continental ballistic missile it's going to bring a hostile reaction from the United States.

"It's one provocation after another. North Korea has been drinking in the last chance saloon for a long time but I think we've now got to a very dangerous state of affairs."

The missile test earlier this week marked a major advancement for North Korea. Its claimed it brought the country closer to being able to mount a nuclear warhead on a missile that could hit American soil.

Urging people to pray for the situation, Lord Alton said: "People should be praying for North Korea - I certainly do - for those Christians especially who have been incarcerated in the gulags but pray also for a change of hearts and minds."

Meanwhile, South Korean warplanes and navy ships (pictured above) have fired a barrage of missiles into the waters during one-day drills aimed at boosting a readiness against a possible North Korean aggression.

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