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Christian set for Mars will find new ways to worship on the Red Planet

Wed 07 Sep 2016
By Hannah Tooley

A Christian waiting to hear if they will begin a new life on planet Mars is preparing to say goodbye to family and friends. 

Hannah Earnshaw is down to the final 100 candidates potentially resettling on the planet, under the Mars One scheme.

It aims to resettle humans on the red planet and will send out four people every two years.

Earnshaw, 25, is a PhD student in astronomy at Durham University.

She told Premier if she makes it she will ensure faith remains central to her life.

She said: "I think it will look quite different at least to begin with... you can't do the kind of whole going to church thing.

"But in a way the kind of more person aspect of that will stay quite similar, just sort of taking some time alone to read the Bible and to pray, I think that will still be a part of routine.

"Perhaps discussing it with spiritual guidance back on Earth, having people I can communicate with."

Mars One says it take every possible precaution to make sure the mission is as safe as can be:
- The rocket will be tested unmanned dozens of times before the astronauts even see it
- Mars One uses technology that has been operating on the International Space Station for years, and have already planned for important components to be meticulously tested before use
- By the time the astronauts start their journey, the process of entering Mars' atmosphere will already have been performed eight times by unmanned capsules 

The trip is one way and the Mars One team says that permanent settlement significantly reduces the cost, the required technology development, and the risk of the mission compared to the traditional return journey.

It says that "mankind has explored and settled on all the continents of our Earth in the last 50,000 years, and Mars is the next logical place to start a settlement."

Earnshaw is one of five Brits shortlisted.

She said: "The Universe is so big and I think that speaks volumes of the creativity of God, and I don't think God's imagination and creative power and relational power is at all limited to one planet and I think there could be life out there.

"I think that's actually perfectly consistent with the character of God."

Listen to Premier's Loretta Andrews Speak to Hannah Earnshaw here:

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