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Christian volunteers stand to protect children at Hong Kong protests

Sat 12 Oct 2019
By Heather Preston

A Christian led group of volunteers have been placing themselves between police and young protesters in Hong Kong in a bid to prevent violence.

The Hong Kong demonstrations, which began in June after the proposal of a controversial extradition law, have escalated over recent months as clashes between police and activists have become increasingly violent, with police using tear gas and activists storming parliament.

The 'Protect the Children' operation, launched by The Good Neighbour North District Church seeks to act as a mediator between law enforcers and protesters.

Led by Pastor Roy Chan, teams of mainly Christian volunteers inspired by the courage of young activists there, have taken to the streets to protect them from harm.


Dozens of volunteers head to out to protests each day to form 'human chains' in an attempt to prevent police from advancing and potential violence from escalating.

Speaking to the BBC, pastor Chan said he sees the work as his service to both God and society and an opportunity to display the sacrificial message of the gospel.

"That's the self-sacrifice spirit. Beat us, don't beat our kids," he said.

Chan went on to say volunteers are finding it harder to mediate as many are experiencing increased levels of violence at the hands of police, including being kicked or pepper-sprayed for 'obstruction'.

The group want to see more people added to it's cause to strengthen it's impact and protect more children.


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