Christians encouraged to pray for Muslims during Ramadan

Wed 16 May 2018
By Eno Adeogun

As the sun sets on Wednesday evening millions of Muslims around the world will observe Ramadan but a Christian charity is urging Christians to also pay attention to the month-long fast.

Open Doors have created a prayer guide called "30 days of prayer for the Muslim" world to help Christians understand the benefits of praying for Muslims during this period.

Beth Fuller from the charity told Premier Muslims are more likely to convert to Christianity while they are fasting.

"At Open Doors we often hear stories of Muslims actually coming to faith in Jesus during Ramadan, often through the kinds of dreams and visions that they have as they're praying, which is just incredible.

"And we would love for more people to be praying for more of these kinds of encounters with Jesus."

Open Doors have shared a number of Ramadan conversions testimonies to demonstrate how God is at work during this time.

Roman was a devout Muslim in Kazakhstan who decided to visit his local Baptist church to see the "betrayers of the real faith" during Ramadan.

He told Open Doors about what happened when he arrived at the church: "For the first time I heard about a God who loved me. I never knew that the almighty God loved me even though I am not perfect. That thought seriously never entered my mind. I always felt guilty. I felt that I had to earn His attention."

Fuller told Premier there was another important reason to pray for Muslims during Ramadan.

"For Christians who have come from Muslim backgrounds - particularly in countries where perhaps there's a more kind of extreme ideology of Islam… it's really difficult for them," she said.

"They often have to keep their faith absolutely secret for fear of reprisals from their families and communities and Ramadan can be a time of really extra pressure when it's more obvious if perhaps they're not taking part in prayers and fasting."

Listen to Beth Fuller speaking with Premier's Eno Adeogun:

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