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Cyclone Idai's impact 6 months on

Sun 15 Sep 2019
By Cara Bentley

Cyclone Idai, one of the most intense tropical cyclones to hit Africa, has left its mark six months on, with 77,000 people still in displacement camps.

The storm hit Mozambique, on the south eastern African coast, on 15th March this year and went on to reap destruction in bordering Malawi and parts of Zimbabwe

The 105 mph winds and heavy rain caused devastating flooding, ruined crops and battered homes.

Reports suggest over 1000 people died.


Edgar Jone, Tearfund's representative in Mozambique was there at the time and lost part of his home. He told Premier: "After six months, we still have two million people are still living in need of food and we have got 77,000 people are still living in temporal displacement camps in Mozambique.

Most of our infrastructure has been destroyed such as roads, electricity or water supply, hospitals and schools."

Mr Jone said the government had started rebuilding infrastructure but that the humanitarian needs are desperate, with the church playing a role in trying to limit the effects of the storm.



"What the church is doing now, we are involving church leaders to pray for people that lost their family members and also awareness on risk, disaster, risk management and also climate adaptation to warn people are continuing to stay in a risk area and also churches are helping to map the secure area and resettle people from the risk area to a secure area.

"We request prayers for long term recovery because climate change is coming to stay and we need prayers for our people to cope with climate change. God gives us responsibility for us to be a stewardship of the creation but you can see that people are not doing that.

"We need to pray for our people to continue to take care of the environment in order to mitigate the climate change."




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