Democrat presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg hires faith engagement director

Sat 29 Jun 2019
By Cara Bentley

One of the candidates competing to be the Democrat's Presidential candidate, Pete Buttigieg, is increasingly trying to embrace the 'religious left'. 

Pete Buttigieg is currently in the race to be the candidate for the Democrats in the US Presidential election in 2020 against Donald Trump, competing for now against Joe Biden, Bernie Saunders and 17 others. 

The 37 year old is currently the mayor of South Bend in the state of Indiana and has been open about his faith as an Episcopalian and the fact he is gay. 

In April, he hit out at the US Vice President's view on sexuality, saying: "if you have a problem with who I am, your problem is not with me. Your quarrel, sir, is with my creator."



Buttigieg's campaign website says they are looking for a 'Faith Engagement Director' to join the team. 

The job advert reads: "Mayor Pete is a different type of politician, and we are a different kind of team. Our goals require collaboration across all departments and our structure facilitates that. A team player with a collaborative spirit and positive attitude will be well suited to our work culture.

"Pete for America is building out an ambitious constituency team, and we are looking for a Faith Engagement Director! The ideal candidate cares deeply improving the connection between campaigns and people of faith in every corner of the country, seeks to engage as many people as possible and rejects transactional interactions for creative ways to unlock cultural appreciation."One of the reasons listed as being a good fit for the job is if the applicant questions: "how things have been done that distort the relationship of people of faith from and Democratic spaces, while being ready to identify new solutions to those answers."



It's being seen by commentators as a move to win over Christian voters who might have voted for Trump. 

Buttigieg said in a debate last night that the Republicans like to cloak themselves in the language of religion and that Democrats should call out hypocrisy.  



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