Donald Trump announces 'global call to protect religious freedom'

Mon 23 Sep 2019
By Marcus Jones

Donald Trump will become the first US President to address religious freedom at the United Nations later.

He'll be speaking at the General Assembly where he's expected to make a 'global call to protect religious freedom'.


Over 150 foreign leaders, faith leaders, victims of persecution and religious freedom activists will attend for the President’s speech.

Welcoming his address on Premier's News Hour, Andreas Thonhauser from religious freedom charity ADF International said: "We know from reports from all over the world that many, many people live in countries where religious freedom is ignored or violated so for the US or the UN to turn their focus on religious freedom is an important development and a very positive development.

The US administration has made religious freedom a priority issue in recent months.

Earlier this year the State Department hosted over 100 foreign delegations and 1,000 civil society members during its second Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom. President Trump also met with more than 30 victims of persecution in the Oval Office (pictured above).

Thonhauser believes with the US leading the way huge progress can be made on tackling religious freedom.

He said: "We want to see a quick response from governments all over the world to stop religious persecution.

"We don't want to see a lengthy process where politicians look at the pros and cons and try to understand what could be done but instead a swift reaction when issues arise.

"I think that's only possible if world leaders agree to stop religious persecution as soon as it happens. This speech could very well be a first step towards this goal."

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