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Egyptian Christian: Don't pray for persecution to stop

Wed 10 Jan 2018
By Tola Mbakwe

An Egyptian Christian has said that when people pray for persecuted Christians, they shouldn't pray for the persecution to stop.

Michael Jones, whose name has been changed for safety purposes, told Premier he does not believe praying for an end to Christian persecution is biblical.

"Rather, I would ask my brothers and sisters in the UK to pray for the Church of Egypt to stand strong through those persecution winds, to shine for Jesus more than any time in our history," he said.

Jones, a businessman, admitted it's very hard to live in Egypt as a Christian.

He said many are afraid after churches have been the victims of violent attacks, despite claims by authorities that they are working to protect Christians.

He said: "Persecution is actually a part of the journey of anyone Christian who wants to live for Jesus Christ.

"There is a large community of Christians who are hopeful, who are taking the journey of forgiveness and love, showing the love of Christ to the community in many ways."

He added that the Muslims in Egypt are "shocked" to see Christians showing love and forgiveness in the face of extreme discrimination and, in turn, it's bringing many more people to Christ.

Jones said the most important prayer request for the Church in Egypt is for perseverance and courage so they can speak boldly about Jesus to change hearts and bring about hope.

Last week a masked gunman has shot and killed two Christian brothers outside an alcohol shop in Cairo; just days after a gunman killed 10 people at a church in Egypt's capital.

Christian anti-persecution charity Open Doors said the country is facing "unprecedented levels of persecution and supression".

Listen to Michael Jones speaking with Premier's Marcus Jones here:

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