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Going to Mass? Bring your hard hat

Wed 12 Jun 2019
By Premier Journalist

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, badly damaged in the huge fire, has announced plans to celebrate its first Mass since the blaze.

The service will be held this Saturday, 15th of June, exactly two months after fire broke out beneath the cathedral's roof.

"The date that was chosen is symbolic," the cathedral's rector, Monsignor Patrick Chuvet told Catholic website La Croix International.


The 15th of June is not just two months' since the fire broke out, but also an important date in Notre Dame's history. Each year the anniversary of the dedication of Notre Dame's altar is celebrated in mid-June with the feast of the dedication of the cathedral.

AP Photo/Thibault Camus


Mass will be celebrated in a side chapel which was not damaged in the fire. Priests and the 20 people attending the service will be required to wear hard hats, as parts of the cathedral are still unsafe.

The event will be broadcast live on French television, so that people across the country can participate. via AP


La Croix International quoteed Monsignor Chauvet saying he hopes that the Mass will draw attention to the Christian message of the fire-damaged building.

"It is very important to be able to make the world aware that the role of the cathedral is to show the glory of God," he added.

"Celebrating the Eucharist on that day, even in very small groups, will be the sign of this glory and grace."

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