Hailey Bieber: 'I'm here to represent Jesus'

Thu 07 Mar 2019
By Cara Bentley

In an interview with the Hillsong channel, Hailey Bieber said she compares herself to people all the time but reminds herself "God took his time to create me".

The model and actress (formerly Hailey Baldwin) and her husband, singer Justin Bieber, both attend Hillsong church and have been open about their faith and their decision to not have sex before getting married.

In an interview on the programme Now with Natalie on the Hillsong online TV channel, Hailey Bieber spoke about her insecurities and how she combines her Christian faith with her work.

When asked how she feels when she sees herself on billboards she said she still finds it surreal: "The feeling doesn't ever get different. I'm still just like this is crazy, I can't believe this is my life and this is happening.

"I obviously believe in modesty but a big part of my job is body and face and vanity and, like, that is the whole kind of premise of what I do. So, it's actually really difficult to try to be like, ok, well this is what I do for my job but on Sunday I'm in church and that's, like, a real thing for me and that's a real lifestyle for me and Jesus is a real thing for me, without it looking like I'm compromising everything.

Bieber told interviewer, Natalie Manuel Lee, she compares herself to people a lot and often doesn't feel good enough.

"There's so many other people doing this and at the end of the day people don't care who you are - they don't care who your family is, they don't care where you came from because there's always gonna be someone else that's prettier and cooler and there's gonna be the next one coming up every week.

Describing how she deals with rejection and coping in a 'highly-strung' industry, she said: "Anytime I feel like something hasn't happened that I really, really thought was going to, or I really, really wanted it to happen, when it doesn't - as upset as I'll get at the beginning - the perspective I always have to take every time is that it obviously wasn't God's plan and maybe it will be and it will come or maybe it won't and it was for a better reason that it didn't happen in the first place."

Bieber said she feels like everyone questions whether they are enough and that sometimes it was more than she could handle, but that she tries to remind herself that God made her the way she is: "It's like - you are - because God took his time to create me and put me in this place, and that's your answer right there - you're enough because he created you, because you are existing and living and breathing on this planet."

She said comparing yourself to someone "is literally a waste of time" and that she felt personality and how one treats people was more important.

"I think you life-purpose changes in different phases of your life"

She explained that these feelings had come and gone at different points in her life: "Currently I think that my purpose is to be in this place- yes - and to do this and I think the bigger purpose behind this is to be a light in this place".

"I'm here to represent Jesus through me, for other people, for his will to be done. I think the second that we think that were too, like, high and mighty we're always reminded that it's not about us, nothing is about me or you or really anybody - it's about us being a vessel for Jesus to be seen".

You can watch the full video here

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