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President Donald Trump: 'God's hand' is on America

Fri 09 Feb 2018
By Tola Mbakwe

US President Donald Trump highlighted the country's Christian faith during the 66th Annual National Prayer Breakfast.

Faith leaders, members of Congress, and dignitaries were in attendance, as well as The Voice producer Mark Burnett.

During a speech, President Trump dubbed America is a "nation of believers", and said the country is "strengthened by the power of prayer".


"All we have to do is open our eyes and look around us, and we can see God's hand," President Trump said.

"In the courage of our fellow citizens, we see the power of God's love at work in our souls, and the power of God's will to answer all of our prayers.

"When Americans are able to live by their convictions, to speak openly of their faith, and to teach their children what is right, our families thrive, our communities flourish, and our nation can achieve anything at all."

Mr Trump said God's grace permeates the country through a million acts of kindness, courage and generosity.

"When catastrophic hurricanes struck, first responders and everyday citizens dove into rushing waters to save stranded families from danger" he said.

"During the horrific shootings, strangers shielded strangers, and police officers ran into a hail of bullets to save the lives of their fellow Americans, right in Las Vegas.

"Communities and churches have reached out to those struggling with addiction, and shown them the path to a clean life, a good job, and a renewed sense of purpose."

President Trump condemned Islamic State (IS) for its brutal torture and murders of Christians, Jews, religious minorities, and countless Muslims.

He vowed that he won't rest until IS has been eradicated.

He also said that America stands with the millions of people in Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, and other countries that are suffering religious persecution under repressive and brutal regimes.

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